Class Pet Project

Dear Educators:

What better way to teach responsibility, respect, compassion, kindness, fairness & citizenship than to have a classroom pet throughout the school year.

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Charles County Board of Education Teacher states:
Charles County Board of Education Teacher states: “This program is invaluable in that it teaches respect for animals, responsibility to care for their needs, as well as creating a fun and interesting classroom environment in which to learn.”

CLICK HERE for the ‘Class Pet Project’ Letter to Educators

It’s Easy…..

Please call 240-346-6508 or email if you have any further questions.

Choose from one of the adoptable animals we have available.

Receive a special “how-to” visit from a Humane Educator.

Start enjoying your class pet!

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Humane & Environmental Educational Programs

The Humane Society of Charles County can help you start an after school club at your school or meeting place.

Download and print the pamphlet for the 2017-2018 Humane & Educational Program PDF

For more information on starting a club for your school, after school program or meeting place, please email or call 240-346-6508.


Animal Bingo

bingoanimalAnimal Bingo…

is a fun way to learn and visit with animals with your group in a fun educational way several times a year.  Email or call 240-346-6508 to ask how your group or organization can set up an Animal Bingo visit