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4 Week Basic Dog Obedience Training Class $87.00

Click Here To Register Online  (At this time we are not offering training classes)  Please check below for other local trainers.

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WHAT YOU LEARN:  The basic obedience class will cover the following:

  • basic commands such as sit, stay, wait, down, leave it
  • leash walking
  • control exercises
  • structured socialization
  • building the bond between you and your pet
  • helping pet owners become a better leader
  • providing owners the tools to help your dog become well balanced
  • how to communicate better with your dog

The class also offers information on basic handling (such as during a vet visit) and how to calm your dog if they are excitable around people and other pets.  We will work on socializing in a very structured and safe environment.  Leash walking will be covered, which means we will teach you how to walk your dog, not your dog walking you!  This class is a great time for dog/human bonding when your dog sees you as a calm assertive pack leader.  First class will be an orientation for you to discuss with trainer your specific issues.  Class size is no more than 10, so please register early.  Once you have registered and paid, no refunds will be given.  If you cannot attend a class for any reason, you will be able to attend one of the other upcoming classes to make up for the missed class.

HOW TO REGISTER (We encourage online registration)

Online Registration:

  1.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER ONLINE (At this time we are not offering training classes)  Please check below for other local trainers.

In person:

  1. DOWNLOAD and PRINT the Training Registration Form Here before your visit to the shelter to save time.
  2. Visit in person any time between 12:00 pm and 6:00 pm to drop off your registration form and pay. (Shelter Location: 71 Industrial Park Drive, Waldorf, MD)

For online registrations, you are not added to the class roster until a payment has been received online. Thank you.

Online Payment for 4 Week Basic Dog Obedience Classes — CLICK HERE TO PAY ONLINE now that you have registered.

Other Local Area Training Facilities

If the training we offer is not conducive to your schedule or needs, we have provided links to some of the other local area training facilities. Our goal is to ensure that you and your dog get the support and training you may need, so that we only see your pup when you need boarding facilities.

Sit Means Sit
Applejack K-9 Academy
K-9 Devine
S&D K9 Rehabilitation
Dogtown Maryland Training

Training DogTraining and Behavior Help from ASPCA.

The ASPCA is a great source of information for all things dogs.  Click on any of the links below to learn more about each area.

Common Dog Behavior Issues:

To view the entire ASPCA Dog Behavior page, click here.