Happy New Year friends and Welcome to 2018!!!

“It is the Mission of the Humane Society of Charles County to provide shelter and care for homeless, injured and neglected animals through adoption, fostering, community partnerships, education and affordable spay-neuter and vaccine services.”

This past year was full of challenges and change for The Humane Society of Charles County and I thank you all for your hard work, commitment and dedication to our mission to save, care for, protect and find homes for the animals entrusted to us.  Your efforts helped us get through a tough year with the promise of a better one in 2018.

In 2018 I challenge all of us to continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of service to the animals, the community and the Humane Society.  To meet this challenge we must prioritize our efforts in caring for the animals, building trust in the community, and effectively carrying out the mission of The Humane Society of Charles County.

In order to set us up for great success in meeting this challenge, The Humane Society 2018 priorities are:

  1. Continue to provide the best animal care possible.
  2. Continuously look for and explore new and better ways of helping the animals entrusted to our care.
  3. Increase our alliances with animal welfare partners to build a stronger network of adoption channels.
  4. Make everyone who enters and/or volunteers for the Humane Society feel welcome and important by giving them our full time and attention.
  5. Promote a climate of trust whereby everyone feels empowered to take action to complete our mission in accordance with our values.
  6. Work together seamlessly sharing responsibility for all tasks ensuring our policies and procedures are carried out timely, accurately and responsibly.
  7. Focus on community education and outreach instilling values of kindness, compassion and responsibility.
  8. Work together to better our finances and get on sound financial footing to continue caring for the animals.

Incorporated in August 1979, the Humane Society of Charles County was created based on a deep respect for all life.  We hold a deep commitment to care for animals and serve the community by offering love, support and safety to the animals and treating everyone with dignity and respect.  The Humane Society of Charles County employees, volunteers, board members, donors and supporters share a common passion for ensuring that animals in our care and those needing our care are given every opportunity to thrive and find a loving home.

I look forward to working together in 2018.

Most Respectfully,


Ginny Crane
President of the Board of Directors
The Humane Society of Charles County