AD was surrendered to our shelter on November 21, 2014.  He spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Mothers Day anAD1d Fathers Day, and now the summer of 2015 as property of the Humane Society of Charles County.  Dogs like AD have lots of energy as young adults, and AD is no exception.  He was surrendered to us because he was “too noisy.”  Usually when a dog is misbehaving such as barking, chewing on things, they are restless and bored, and need exercise, not just letting him out into the back yard, but actual structured exercise to drain his lively brain of excess energy.  We we so happy to see that AD was taken into a foster family so they could work with him to see what kind of dog he really is.  Well, we found that he is a well behaved dog that needs guidance and structure.  His foster family take him everywhere they go.  AD is very fond of the Tractor Supply Store in White Plains, MD because he knows just what isle the bones are in and walks right to them, lays down, and lovingly looks at those bones hoping foster mom and dad will allow him to walk out with one.  AD rides well in a vehicle, is house trained, is a great leash walker using a gentle leader.  He is good around other well balanced dogs and loves every person he encounters.

AD needs a person who likes to get out and do things with him physically, as he needs that structure and exercise.  If you are a jogger or a runner, if you like to bike ride, AD can be your wingman.AD2

If you’d like to know more about AD, just call our shelter at 301-645-8181 to inquire about this hidden gem in plain site.

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