Adopt a Small Animal “Pocket Pet”

The shelter occasionally receives birds, hedge hogs, chinchillas, snakes, ferrets, turtles, and spiders (yes, we have had a tarantula before), you name it, we might get it.  If it flies, scurries, crawls, hops, wiggles, slithers and or strolls we might have it.   Adoptions can happen quickly, and we never know what type of pocket pet will stroll through our doors.  We encourage you to stop by frequently to view our small pets we call “Pocket Pets.”

See a pocket pet below you’d like to apply for.  Click on that specific pet and click the “Apply for Adoption” button.

*Click Here to download a Pet Adoption Application (PDF)  Downloading this application does not mean that your application has been approved.  Please see below for further information.

View all of our adorable small pets below.