By Brittany Spencer

Just 2 days before Christmas of 2016, a little orange kitten was left in the Humane Society of Charles County’s “night drop.”  We didn’t know where she came from or what condition she was in because she was so frightened, she wouldn’t let anyone touch her. When I came in to do my kennel work, I was asked to clean her kennel. The moment I saw her, I fell in love. It took 3 days of me sitting with her, for me to gain her trust and her to gain mine. I held her for the first time on December 28th, 2016.  She appeared to have a missing eye and upon examination, the vet discovered she would need an eye enucleation as soon as possible. I started a Go Fund Me page in Ginny’s name (I’m a huge Harry Potter fan so I named her after Ginny Weasley because she’s orange.) Within 3 days I had collected $600 toward her surgery.  She received her surgery and I knew I couldn’t let her go.  She was part of me. She would sit on my shoulder every time I brought her to work for her checkups.  Everyone asked when I was going to adopt her and on May 9th, she became Ginny Spencer.  The amount of unconditional love this beautiful baby has shown me, has taught me so much.  She taught me patience, how to be hopeful instead of doubtful and restored my hope in humanity. Without the donations, I may not have been able to help Ginny as quickly as we did. She has come such a long way and I couldn’t be more thankful for everyone who helped.  Today, Ginny is the sweetest and most beautiful cat I’ve ever been owned by.

By the Humane Society of Charles County.

Honey’s Fund is a fund just for cases such as Ginny, however, at the time Ginny needed her eye surgery, Honey’s Fund only had a small amount in the fund and not enough to cover the entire cost of Ginny’s enucleation.  We used what funds were currently available in Honey’s fund, and Brittany went to work taking up a collection to cover the rest of the cost of the eye surgery.  In a perfect world, Honey’s Fund would be a never-ending pot of money to cover every single surgical need of every single pet that needs extensive surgery to help save a life, but in our world, it simply is not the case.  Can you help?  The Humane Society of Charles County will ear mark 50% of each donation made during #GivingTuesday to Honey’s Fund to help that next animal needing vet care.  We would love to make sure that Honey’s Fund can cover surgery needs of all the “Ginny’s” who make their way into our shelter needing surgery!  Can you help us continue to build up this medical fund?  We cannot thank you enough for all of your support and your donations!


First night in the shelter.






First time I held her.









Recovering from surgery.









The day she got her stitches out.
My Ginny on her first birthday.









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