My name is Charlotte, a Basenji mix, around 9 months old. I’ve been at the shelter since October 17, 2015. I’m a growing girl finding my way in the world as a deaf pup.  I have a lot of energy and I’m bored at the shelter.  I am lucky enough to have volunteers work with me on enrichment so I learn some manners while I wait for that special family to find me.  While I may be considered as special needs, I’m sure to capture a special place in your heart. I come with free training so that we can learn how to communicate together. Because I’m still a puppy, I need a patient, calm, and assertive pack leader who is willing to work with me and bring out my very best. If I say so myself, I’m a very smart girl. I’ve already learned “sit” and “down” by hand signals. If you have the time, and room in your heart and home, consider me as a new addition to your family.  Is there any one available to help me feel safe and secure and work with me so I understand that life isn’t just a shelter environment?  Please call 301-751-8156 to ask about me, or email

Charlotte1 Charlotte