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Maryland Department of Agriculture & Snyder Foundation for Animals
Spay/Neuter Information

Grant funds have been awarded to the Humane Society of Charles County from the “Maryland Department of Agriculture” and “The Snyder Foundation for Animals” to assist low income families in the Charles County area with affordable spay/neuter options for their pets. This grant will also be used to provide free spay/neuters for “community cats” or free roaming cats.  Please visit our “Friends Forever Community Outreach Trap Neuter Return Program” to learn more about how you can help stop the unwanted litters of “community cats” in the area.

If you are a resident of Charles County, and your household income is less than $75,000, you may qualify for Free Spay/Neuters! Please fill out the online form below to get started.

If you reside outside of Charles County, but within the state of Maryland, these grants will also cover you to receive a reduced cost spay/neuter for your personal pet if you income is less than $58,000 (See Sliding Scale Table Below).  

Email if you have any further questions about the Free Spay/Neuter for Dogs and Cats.

Maryland Residents Living Outside of Charles County
Animal TypeIncome Less Than $30,000Income Between $30,001 & $40,000Income Between $40,001 & $58,000
Dog Spay$55.00$65.00$75.00
Dog Neuter$50.00$55.00$65.00
Cat Spay$34.00$39.00$49.00
Cat Neuter$29.00$39.00$44.00
  1. FREE SPAY/NEUTER IF YOU ARE A Charles County Resident making less than $75,000 (free spay/neuter, proof of income required).
  2. FREE SPAY/NEUTER IF you own a Bully Breed dog and live in Maryland.
  3. REDUCED COST SPAY/NEUTER for Maryland Residents, you can qualify for a reduced cost spay/neuter for your personal pets. 
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Grant Information Request