Healthy Pet Clinics

No exams or nail trims on Sunday clinic dates. The clinics that offer these services are marked as such. ***If no dates or times show up when you are trying to make your appointment then we are fully booked. Check back in the middle of the month for the next months schedule***

For most of our Monday clinics we offer all services. If your pet is having any problems such as ear issues, skin issues, eye issues etc we DO NOT treat these things. For these services you MUST take your pet to a regular facility. This is a HEALTHY PET clinic only.  If you are requesting a heartworm pill you have to show proof that your pet has either been on heartworm preventative year round or has had a negative test within 1 month. If you are requesting a lyme vaccine or feline leukemia vaccine you must show proof of previous vaccine or negative test within 2 months. You can now upload these documents. Please pay attention to the clinic you are signing up for. If you select something on the list that is not offered at the clinic you signed up for it WILL NOT be done.   

If you try to make an appointment and no dates show up then we are booked up. Just keep checking the website as we are unable to keep a cancelation list.  

Please click on the image above or call 301-645-8181 to schedule an appointment.

****** As of march 8,2022 all prices have gone up between $2-$5 depending on service. Rabies clinics will remain the same. There is a $20 office visit charged for every pet seen at the healthy pet clinics. *****  There is an optional $20 deposit. It is non-refundable but will be applied to your visit. If you no-show for your appointment it will be converted to a donation.

Clinic dates

Friday July 15,2022- this clinic offers all vaccines, tests, nail trims, microchips etc. Please upload your pets previous vaccines. 
***If your pet is having an illness or something else going on with it ( head shaking from ears, trouble eating etc) then your pet needs to go to a regular veterinarian. These clinics are for healthy animals only. ***
** Monday August 1,2022- this clinic offers all vaccines, tests, microchips NO NAIL TRIMS!!**

Due to DVM Staff shortages the next healthy pet clinic is unknown however we can do most vaccines during the rabies clinic. Check out that page for further details.
We are trying to get more dates set up soon for the healthy clinics so keep checking back!
Please check back soon for new Healthy Pet Clinic dates!

“Healthy Pet Clinic Fees” — See Below Table
Office Visit Fee (automatic)$20.00
Rabies Vaccine$20.00
Canine Distemper DA2PP Vaccine$29.00
Canine Distemper DA2PP w/Lepto Vaccine$35.00
Bordetella (Kennel Cough) Vaccine$29.00
Feline Distemper FVRCP Vaccine$29.00
Feline Leukemia Vaccine$29.00
Lyme Vaccine (dogs only)$29.00
Heartworm Test (dogs)$30.00
4Dx Heartworm Test (dogs)$35.00
Cat FIV/FeLV Test$40.00
Nail Trim$10.00
Milbeguard Heartworm Prevention (dogs only)6 months for $27.00
Vectra 3D Flea/Tick Prevention for Dogs$15.00/3 for $32.00 + tax
Catego Flea/Tick Prevention for Cats$10.00/3 for $22.00 + tax