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Healthy Pet Clinics

Our upcoming Healthy Pet Clinics will be held on:

  • Friday July 17th
  • Sunday July 26th
  • Friday July 31st
  • Friday August 14th
  • Friday August 28th

**PLEASE NOTE**  They will NOT be walk-in style. Walk-ins will not be accepted.

This clinic will be held by appointment only. This is to prioritize the safety of our clients and staff during the COVID-19 epidemic. We will announce when our clinic will go back to talking walk-ins.   Until otherwise noted, all upcoming Healthy Pet Clinics will still occur every other Friday and select Sundays, but by appointment only.

In addition to our clinic being by appointment only, we are also taking the following precautions:

  • Patient check-in and -out will continue outdoors in the clinic yard.
  • Owners will not be allowed inside the clinic unless absolutely necessary.
  • Staff will wear a surgical mask at all times when interacting with clients while also maintaining a safe social distance (6ft or greater).
  • Pet owners who are sick are asked to stay home and either reschedule or have a family member bring in the pet.
  • All payment will be taken via electronic means (i.e. ShelterLuv text messaging) to cut down on handling credit cards and cash. Limited exceptions can be made for owners who do not own a SmartPhone.
  • All pens, clipboards, etc will be sanitized with an approved disinfectant before reuse.

To schedule an appointment for your pet, visit the link below. Clinics are held every other Friday.

If you cannot get your pet into one of our Healthy Pet Clinics, but have been to us within the past year and need to purchase heartworm, flea, or tick prevention – please give us a call at 301-645-8181. We have temporarily disabled our online request form while we work on a more permanent way for our patrons to purchase pet food and medication online.

Heartworm Preventative Medication:  Current HSCC Veterinary Clinic Customers, or individuals who have adopted a pet from our shelter within the past year, can submit your pets’ information to obtain these medications.

In order to purchase heartworm prevention, your pet must have had a negative heartworm test at HSCC within the past year. All dogs adopted within the past year who were 6 months or older at time of adoption qualify.

The Humane Society of Charles County also offers Flea and Tick Preventative Treatments for Dogs (Vectra 3D) and Cats (Catego).

For information about each product please click each link:

Catego – Flea & Tick treatment for Cats & Kittens:

Vectra 3D- Flea & Tick Treatment for Dogs & Puppies: Vectra

Milbeguard Heartworm Preventative Treatment for Dogs*



“Healthy Pet Clinic Fees”
Rabies Vaccine$15.00
Distemper Vaccine$24.00
Bordetella Vaccine$24.00
Feline Leukemia Vaccine$24.00
Lyme Vaccine$24.00
Heartworm Test$25.00
4dx Heartworm Test$30.00
Cat FIV/FeLV Test$35.00
Nail Trim$10.00
Frontline for Dogs (single dose)$18.00
Frontline for Cats (single dose)$15.00