Lost A Pet?

If you have lost your pet or if you believe your lost pet might be with the Humane Society of Charles County (HSCC), please call 301-645-8181.  We STRONGLY encourage you to visit during your pets absence.

Click Here to file a Lost Animal Report

1.  File a lost pet report with the HSCC.  Email LostFoundPets@humanesocietycc.org  the Lost Pet Report.  It helps to include the following which is listed on the report.  In the email Subject Line please note “LOST or FOUND Pet”:

  • Clear picture of pet missing, with a description of any special markings, collar, etc.
  • Age, Breed and Sex of pet missing
  • Area missing from (be specific as possible)
  • Date Missing
  • Owner Contact Information

Also file a lost report with the Tri-County Animal Shelter located in Hughesville, MD.  Visit 6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville, MD  20637 or call 301-932-1713.

2.  Visit the shelter in person as much as you can.  You are more able to recognize your pet than someone working from a description. Personally check each adoption center daily until your pet is found. The adoption center is required to hold stray animals for only 5 days, so please check back frequently.

3. Act fast.  Search your neighborhood thoroughly. Pets often become scared and simply find a hiding spot and stay put. Use a flashlight to look under every deck, shed, porch or any other place your pet may hide. Also, be sure to get your neighbor’s permission before searching their yard.

4. Place flyers in the area the animal was lost.  Include a photo of the animal and post daytime and evening phone numbers. Place your flyer on a large brightly colored piece of construction paper. Ask your neighbors to help look for the missing animal.

5.  Check for and place ads online.  Check the pet section of Craigslist every day. You can also place an ad of your own looking for your missing pet.

6. Microchips.  If your animal is microchipped, contact your microchip company to report your animal missing and update your contact information.

7.  Facebook.  There are many Facebook Group Pages dedicated to Lost and Found Pets in the Southern Maryland Area.  Please check these pages frequently.  Your pet might be just visiting the neighbors on the next street over and they have posted a picture of your pet enjoying some food.

Check these Pages:

Pets – Lost & Found in Southern Maryland
Southern Maryland Lost and Found Pets

For additional ideas on how to find your missing pet, please visit: Finding Rover

Found Animals

The animals shown below have found their way to our shelter.

If at all possible, if you have found a pet, and it is outside of the shelters’ normal business hours, we ask that you hold on to the pet until normal business hours.

Animals are scanned for a Microchip upon entering the shelter, and the pet is entered into our data base and should appear on this page.  If a microchip is found, we make every attempt to contact the number on file with the microchip company.

IF YOU HAVE LOST A PET, it is strongly suggested that you COME VISIT the shelter as soon and as often as possible while your pet is missing.

FOUND A PET fill out the Found Animal Form

Pets that have been FOUND and brought to HSCC

*****We cannot stress enough how important it is for the owner to visit the shelter.  Information can be misconstrued, colors in pictures can appear different in shading, coloring, so please VISIT THE SHELTERS OFTEN while your pet is missing.********


Found A Pet?

If you have found a lost or abandoned animal, please contact the Humane Society of Charles County as we may be able to provide guardian information if the guardian has contacted us.

If you find a pet during hours that the shelter is closed, we ask that you safely house the animal until you can drop it off to the shelter during normal business hours

1.  Call 301-645-8181 (if during normal business hours).

2.  Many forms of ID tags are traceable so please alert the HSCC representative to any ID, vaccination or microchip tag you see.  Bring the pet into the shelter so we can scan for a microchip.  If we are able to identify the animal remotely by researching an ID tag, and you elect to retain the animal while we locate the guardian, a photograph of the pet can be submitted to us and will be placed on the “Lost Found” page of our website for owners to search for their animals.

3.  Flyers placed in your neighborhood can aide in reuniting a pet with his/her guardian as well as posting on Craigslist under the lost/found community page.

If you need the animal to be housed at the shelter:

1.  During normal business hours, the pet can be brought to the shelter to be scanned for a microchip.  We are located at 71 Industrial Park Drive, Waldorf, MD. Be prepared to report landmarks or crossroads where the animal was found.

2.  If you find the animal and the shelter is not opened, we ask that you safely house the animal until you can bring the pet to the shelter during normal business hours.  PLEASE never leave an animal overnight in any of our fenced in areas.  We are no longer able to provide a drop box area due to Maryland Animal Regulations.

3.  If you cannot transport the animal, contact Charles County Animal Control at 301-609-3425.

Animals are held for a period of 5 (five) days before they become property of the HSCC and then will be placed up for adoption, or transferred to a rescue partner.

DogHomeHelp Your Pet Get Home

Always keep a current identification tag on your pet. If your dog or cat wears a tag that has his or her name, your name, full address, and phone number, your lost pet will stand a better chance of getting home. Your pet’s I.D. tag is the best ticket home!

We also offer microchipping services.  The HSCC can provide this service for you at our Healthy Pet Clinic by just making an appointment.  Remember to update your information with the micrcochip company if you move. It is also very helpful to keep a current photo of your pet in case he or she ever becomes lost.

It is important to always keep a current rabies and license tag on your pet, in accordance with local laws. MD requires that all dogs are annually licensed and that they are vaccinated against rabies and DHPP.

Prevent Your Pet from Straying

Dogs and cats who are spayed or neutered roam less. If you are interested in the HSCC Healthy Pet Clinic spay/neuter services click here.