If ever there are animals that tug at your heart strings, it’s the seniors that are surrendered to the shelter that stick with us the most. A senior animal should be safe and warm living out their golden years in a home, however, that is not always the case, as was with Senior Curly…

Lil Senior Curly (as he was named in the shelter) was found in our night drop on October 3. He was so dirty and matted, that it was hard to tell what he even looked like, so we immediately had him bathed and groomed. As the matted fur was shaved away, an old maggot infested wound was found hidden in his fur.  He was immediately taken to VCA for emergency veterinary care and provided the help he needed to heal and feel better.  Fresh from VCA, Senior Curly went into a medical foster home and given the care he needed while he healed and we waited for his family to come claim him. (When an animal is found, they are placed on a 5 day stray hold to allow for time for their owners to find them.) In Senior Curly’s story, no owner came forward, so he was made available for adoption after the 5 day hold and once he was feeling better.

We’re so happy to report that on October 30, Senior Curly was officially adopted and walked out of the shelter with his little tail held high looking forward to better days! We’re so appreciative of the foster that helped him feel better and for our adopters for “adopting not shopping” and a special warm hug for those adopters who take on a sweet senior!

When animals such as Senior Curly show up at our shelter with health issues, we do what we can with what we have…. This is why Honey’s Fund is so important. Honey’s Fund helps offset costs above and beyond what is covered with the adoption fees that are collected. At any given time, one animal can deplete Honey’s Fund. If you can find it in your hearts to donate, may we suggest a donation to Honey’s Fund. Honey’s Fund is earmarked only for the health care of animals needing more care than recommended vaccinations. At this point in time, Honey’s Fund could surely use a boost, as it only has a small amount which is used quickly with each animal that comes in needing care. Actually, by the end of October, Honey’s Fund will be empty.

Donating straight to Honey’s Fund will ensure vet care for the next “Senior Curly” that might come through our doors.