Surgery Price List & & Other Services Information

Dog & Cat Spay/Neuter/Vaccine & Other Services Cost
Animal Type (Female) SpayAnimal Type (Male) Neuter
Dog $100Dog $85
Cat $60Cat $50
VacciinationsTests & Other Services
Rabies $15.00Heartworm $25
Distemper/Parvo (DAPP) $24.004DX Heartworm $30
Feline Distemper (FVRCP) $24.00Cat FeLV/FIV $35
Feline Leukemia $24Fecal Test $15
Bordetella $24Feline Flea/Tick Prevention $8 or 3/$20
Lyme $24Canine Flea/Tick Prevention $12 or 3/$30
Micrcochip $25Canine Heartworm Prevention $5 or 6/$25

All spay/neuter surgeries now include a complimentary nail trim.

Please note there are additional charges for more complex procedures (i.e., cryptorchid neuter, hernia repair, dew claw removal, etc.).  We do not charge extra for females in heat of pregnant.

*Proof of rabies vaccine is required at time of surgery.  If you cannot provide proof of rabies vaccination, your pet must receive a rabies vaccine on the day of surgery.

If your pet is over 5 years of age, pre-surgical bloodwork is recommended.  Cost of bloodwork is $95.

Download a PDF of the Surgery Price List —CLICK HERE

Schedule a Spay/Neuter Appointment

If scheduling online, you must schedule your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.


To make an online surgery appointment for your pet for a Spay/Neuter your pet must be:
Over 4 months old; and over 2 lbs

Pre-op Blood Work Cost & Information on Ages:
Cost of Blood Work $95.00

If your Pet is 5 & 6 Years old
Blood work is recommended prior to surgery, but not required. You will be asked to sign high risk waiver at time of surgery instead of blood work, understanding the risks of going under anesthesia for older pets. If you have questions, please consult your regular veterinarian prior to making an appointment.

If your Pet is 7 & 8 Years old
Blood work is required for any pets that are 7-8 years old.  Pet needs to be dropped off on any open surgery day between 8:00-9:00 am and picked up 4:30-5:30 pm on same day. Pending results and at doctors discretion, a surgery date can be scheduled at the time of blood work. Please do not make your surgery appointment prior to bringing your pet in for pre-op blood work.

If your Pet is over 9 years old
Unfortunately, our facility cannot safely perform surgery on animals 9 years of age and older, we would suggest consulting with your regular veterinarian on your best option for surgery.

Under 5 years old — Click away and schedule that spay!


Don’t worry, if you do not want to make an appointment using our Online System, please call the shelter at (301) 645-8181 to schedule an appointment by phone!