What is a lost pet? 

A lost pet is an animal that already has a family. Lost pets come to us in many ways. Sometimes we are mistakenly brought community cats looking to return home to their colony. Animals are occasionally left with no information. In these cases, we list them as stray without knowing who left them in our care. In most cases, wonderful community members have taken on the responsibility to ensure that a pet found unattended in the community is in caring and loving hands. The hope for all lost pets is to return to a loving home. After several days, lost pets are evaluated for adoption without any family member placing a claim on the lost pet.

1 in every 3 pets will go missing in their lifetime, and if you think it can’t happen to you, think again. We’re proud to be joining @PetcoLoveLost on our shared mission to help reunite lost pets with their families if the unthinkable happens.



Thanks to groundbreaking innovation, finding lost pets will be quicker and easier with the patented pet facial recognition technology of the new @PetcoLoveLost database. If your pet goes missing, don’t panic. Our partner @PetcoLoveLost is here to help. Simply upload a photo of your dog or cat to their database and the groundbreaking technology will scan for a match to help reunite you.






View pets that were taken into our shelter as lost pets.

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