Working for a Kinder World, One Child at a Time!

Did you know that the Humane Society of Charles County’s (HSCC) Humane Education team is teaching kindness and empathy towards all living things which helps children develop critical thinking skills while fostering kindness, empathy and compassion?

The HSCC Humane Education team teaches more than 300 programs each year that incorporate learning with animal visitors to engage the imagination and interest of schoolchildren throughout our community. This year, thanks to the Community Impact Grant from the United Way of Charles County, we are also able to teach 3-4 year olds how to act kindly to all living things in the world, animal and human, through a Pre-K Readiness: Lessons in Kindness and Empathy program.

Our partners in the project, the Charles County Public Schools and The Charles County Family Day Care Association work with us to bring Humane Education into their classrooms and daycare facilities. Pre-K teachers attend a Humane Education Training focused on the benefits of teaching student’s kindness and empathy toward animals and each other.  Participating classes receive two reading books to use throughout the year as well as gain access to a large variety of lesson plans and activities to use as they incorporate Humane Education concepts into their daily curriculum.  So far this year, our Humane Education team has already presented 98 Lessons in Kindness and Empathy programs to Pre-K students with topics ranging from basic Pet Care and Pet Safety to Egg’Citement, Getting a Bat Attitude, Jeepers Creepers and more.

Would you like to bring these programs into your day care or Pre-K classrooms?  Please call us at 301-645-8181 and ask for the Humane Education Team.