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Adoption Specialist/Kennel Technician


  • The Adoption Specialist works to promote shelter animals for adoption. This includes photographing/updating photos of animals and writing biographies based on their individual characteristics. This position requires strong communication and customer service skills. Responsibilities include reviewing adoption applications in accordance with SOPs, updating database with application and animal status, contacting potential adopters, scheduling appointments, finalizing adoptions, providing tips for acclimation, and follow up with adopters. The Adoption Specialist promotes fundraisers with clients. This position requires empathy towards the animals in HSCC care, and dedication to place them in an appropriate home. * The Kennel Technician* works to ensure sanitary environmental conditions and proper feeding and medication for the animals in HSCC’s care. This position is responsible for laundry and cleaning/sanitizing public areas.


  • Be dedicated to the mission of HSCC and the welfare of animals, and:
  • Work weekends, evenings, and holidays
  • Speak, read, and write in English
  • Carry out oral and written instructions
  • Be proficient in MS Office and social media
  • Possess positive attitude
  • Perform duties under stress
  • Be self-motivated
  • Possess ability to safely lift and carry 50 pounds
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with co- workers, managers, public
  • Possess valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, clean driving record, current car insurance
  • Be willing to drive HSCC van and/or truck
  • Distinguish between breeds of animals
  • Understand animal behavior enough to recognize normal and abnormal behavior
  • Possess comfort/ability to work with animals of unknown disposition, medical concerns, size and strength, and aggressive tendencies


This position requires maturity, good judgement, professional appearance, strong interpersonal and communication skills, empathy for potential adopters and animals, ability to courteously approve or deny adoption applicants, and the ability to: lift/carry 30 pounds; sit for extended periods of time; work both inside and outside in hot and cold environments; handle animals large and small of varying degrees of strength; maintain calm in stressful situations; multi-task; and provide excellent customer service. Must possess an affection for animals and concern for their welfare.


  • Assists public with intake and adoption of animals and maintain accurate records of activities
  • Familiarization with animals to promote adoption
  • Photograph animals and produce biographies
  • Review adoption applications IAW established SOPs
  • Assess applications for suitability for specific animals
  • Speak with potential adopters to gather additional information, discuss animal care and behavior, schedule appointments for meet & greets
  • Rapidly recognize animal health concerns
  • Make notations in applications, update contact and appointment status
  • Update database with animal status, vaccinations, health consult requests
  • Review database for animal readiness for adoption
  • Clean animal areas & equipment and office and public areas
  • Familiarization with animals to work safely in their environment
  • Keeps Kennel Manager abreast of kennel supplies
  • Performs inside and outside general maintenance work
  • Ensures laundry is kept current Washes and sterilizes kennels, cat rooms, and quarantine areas
  • Provides medications to animals as needed
  • Cleans and washes litter pans, food and water bowls
  • Feeds and waters animals twice daily ensuring sanitary eating and drinking conditions
  • Assist Animal Control Officers and Office Staff as needed
  • Stores physical donations and supplies
  • Other duties as assigned

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