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Community Cats Fund (TNR)



Our Community Cats Fund provides a necessary service to our community and the cats within our community.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is an effective and humane approach to meeting the needs of community members, caring for the cats in our community, and reducing the burden on shelters and animal control to handle overpopulation. Each cat that receives a spay or neuter prevents countless litters of kittens from entering the sheltering system, which for many shelters results in euthanasia. These same cats that receive this procedure, as well as essential vaccinations, live significantly healthier and happier lives once returned to their colonies. While under anesthesia, each cat receives an identifying ear-tip to signal that they have already been sterilized and are part of a colony. Ear-tips also help to distinguish stray cats from community cats at a distance, furthering the beneficial impact of TNR. In addition to basic TNR services, we aim to be a resource to those in need of assistance with concerns related to community cats. We are happy to provide advice and direct you to the appropriate resources if the assistance you need is outside of our range of care. 

Thank you for supporting us as we advocate for community cats and help them to lead healthier lives.


Trap-Neuter-Return Funding:

  • Stabilize feral cat colonies by reducing overpopulations
  • Protect cats from unnecessary euthanasia in shelters
  • Prevent additional litters of kittens each year
  • Answer the needs of the community humanely
  • Provide healthier lives for cats through sterilization and vaccination


Donate to the Community Cats Fund

We have raised $3,670.00 of our $25,000.00  goal.
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Every time you give to a TNR program, you provide an essential service to your community and impact the lives of the cats in that community in an immeasurable way. If you would like to help your donation go further, consider making a monthly contribution of an amount that makes sense for your family. Recurring donations help us to better plan for the animals that we take into our care.



To learn more about community cats, please visit Alley Cat Allies' immensely informational FAQ page. To view a list of Feral Friend Network members, visit their page here. You will receive an email with a comprehensive list of members who assist with community cats in various ways, such as food assistance, advice, relocation, caregiving, veterinary services, and more.

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