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Applying for our TNR Program

Do you have a “community cat” colony that you are caring for?  Can you be a caretaker to a colony of “community cats”? If so, would like to get them to spay/neutered and returned back to the area they are familiar with? Our program can help you with trapping, spay/neuter surgery, vaccination, and return of your community cats at no cost to you (if you reside in a covered area - please see our TNR Grants page for more details on covered areas). If you are in need of help with Trap, Neuter, and Return (TNR) for your community cats, please complete the application form below.  We will be in touch with you to trap, spay/neuter, and return the cats to their original location.

Our program currently has no grants or other sources of income for vaccines or TNR surgeries other than donations.  We operate entirely off donations and our TNR team is 100% unpaid volunteer labor.  The level of work we can perform is directly tied to our program donations and volunteer labor   Any donation is appreciated to continue this work 


Please consider making a donation to our TNR program, so that we can continue with this important work.  



Important Program Information

  • In order to qualify for our program, you must be currently caring for, feeding, or housing one or more community cats and agree to continue caring for them after their TNR surgery and vaccination. 
  • You must also either own the property where trapping is to take place or have the permission of the property owner or landlord to accomplish the trapping and return of community cats. 
  • In colder winter months, our program will stop until around early March, when the weather is warmer for trapping and post-operative care.
  • This program does NOT relocate or remove cats; that is a county animal control function. 
  • Please complete the form below and a member of our team will contact you as soon as we can.   If you have not been contacted in 3-5 days, please contact us (leave a detailed message) at (240) 585-5001.  Please leave as much information as possible to help us help you.  Thank you. 
  • NOTE: For the period 1 April 2024 through mid-Summer 2024  there will be NO TNR trapping and NO TNR surgeries provided by the HSCC TNR team or Clinic.  Our program is funded ENTIRELY by donations and staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. It is kitten season, and it’s necessary to reallocate surgical assets to higher priorities at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience. You may still apply, but the program will NOT restart until mid-Summer/end of July 2024  (estimated). 
Application for HSCC TNR Program
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