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2024 Homeschool Days-Please fill out the registration form below to register your child(ren). Once you have completed the registration, you can book your Homeschool Session through our events calendar.

Key Information and Costs: 

  • $15.00* Per Session (Pre-Registered)
  • Registrations must be completed 72 hours in advance to allow our educators to prepare for the number of children attending.
  • Includes a craft & snack
  • Participants bring a lunch
  • Large-Family discount available. Please contact for information on how to receive your discount
Humane Education Event Registration
First Name *
Last Name *
Phone Number
Address Line 1 *
Address Line 2
City *
State/Province *
Postal Code *
First Name *
Last Name *
Child's Age
Name and Relationship (if parent or guardian can not be reached)
Emergency Contact Phone Number
Emergency Authorization
Emergency Authorization: By checking I AGREE, I hereby give permission to The Humane Society of Charles County and/or any contact person listed above authorization for treatment for my child in the event I cannot be reached in an emergency.
Health History
Health History: (Please check all that apply and describe symptoms of allergy & details of illness or health restrictions below)
Please specify any health issues below
Please List
Date of Last Tetanus
Health Insurance Provider and Policy Number
Physician Name
Physician Phone Number
Permission: By typing my name in the box, I hereby certify that I am the parent/guardian of the registered child and I give my permission for him/her to participate in the Humane Society of Charles County, Inc. Humane Education program wherever said program occurs, including transportation from one location to another.
Waiver: By checking I AGREE, Regarding participation in said program, I do hereby release and discharge, for myself and the Participant, and for our heirs, representatives, executors, administrators, successors and assigns and do hereby remise and release and forever discharge the Humane Society of Charles County, Inc. (“Releasee”), its officers, directors, agents, employees, independent contractors, parent and subsidiary corporations, and all other entities in any way related to Releasee, and all other persons however associated with Releasee, in any capacity, their heirs, executors, administrators, insurers, successors and assigns, and any and all other persons, firms, corporations, associations, of and from any and all causes of action, suits, rights, judgments, claims and demands of whatever kind, including, but not limited to any claims in law or in equity, known or unknown, which I and the Participant now have or may hereafter have, now or in the future, including any legal liability of Releasee arising from or by reason of any damage, compensatory or punitive, known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, which heretofore have been or which hereinafter may be sustained by me or the Participant ,arising or any way relating to any and all claims and actions.
Photo Release: By checking I AGREE, I certify I am the parent or legal guardian of the registered child and hereby give the Humane Society of Charles County, Inc., my permission to take photos of him/her. I acknowledge that these photos are the property of the Humane Society of Charles County, Inc., and may be used by them for any purpose consistent with their mission statement, including but not limited to advertising and marketing.

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