COVID-19 Update for Humane Education

At this time we are unable to host programs inside the building. Keep checking back for updates as we are working to make some outdoor sessions available throughout the summer.

For now, please enjoy these links to some YouTube videos that our Education staff has been making!

Getting Your Goat:

Pocket Pets:

Pet Safety:

Foster Kittens:

The Story of Max:

Special Earth Day Presentation “Who Polluted the Potomac”:



Humane and Environmental Education Programs

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The Humane Society of Charles County Humane and Environmental Education department has the dual mission of promoting the humane treatment of animals and of fostering a respect for all life, both animal and human through education programs.

 It costs approximately $60 a program for our educators to bring a program and live animal visitor to the community. If you would like to sponsor a program for a specific class or organization, there is a place on the donation form for you to indicate that as well. If you would like to become a much larger sponsor of our program please reach out to our manager at

There is nothing in the world like the joy on a child’s face as they touch a live animal.