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Have you seen our new Memorial Wall?  The recently completed structure on the grounds of the Humane Society of Charles County incorporates and displays engraved memorial bricks previously purchased by supporters.  There is also additional space for approximately 370 new bricks.

The 14′ x 8′ Memorial Wall provides a place of peace and tranquility to sit and remember, or pause and reflect on the devotion and love it embodies.  Each brick represents a precious memory of a pet or person, and though every message is unique, one thing remains constant — engraved bricks are a meaningful way to preserve a loving wish or express a special sentiment.

The large patio provides an area for additional new bricks to be placed and displayed.  As new bricks are purchased, blank bricks will be removed to accommodate the new ones.   Don’t miss this opportunity to add your brick to the display and to express your admiration or love for a favorite pet or friend.

More than 1500 bricks were used in the wall and patio.  Materials for and construction of the Memorial Wall were provided by Brictoria Cottage at Charlotte Hall.  

The engraved bricks ensure that the tributes will not fade or erode over time, and every brick is displayed with the respect and reverence it deserves.  Past and future supporters can be proud of their contribution to this lasting display.

Please stop by to see this wonderful new addition to the Humane Society grounds and consider purchasing a brick to honor a precious pet or in memory of a treasured loved one — two or four legged!   Wouldn’t a brick be the perfect gift or surprise for a friend or relative?

At the present time, Memorial Bricks can be ordered by Downloading the “Memorial Wall Brick Order Form” filling it out, and mailing it in at the address listed on the form, Or, EMAIL the form.