Please meet Dexter. He is our new spokes’ dog for all of the seniors who are surrendered to HSCC looking for a new home and in need of some extra help. As a Grey Muzzle Organization Grant Recipient we were able to start the Dexter Amici Grigi Project (Dexter’s Grey Friends Project) Now with a very generous donation of medical equipment and the upcoming addition of new senior dog housing from the JES Avanti Foundation, we will be able to provide senior dogs the great start they need at finding a new home.
Did you know that about 25% of the dogs that come to the Humane Society of Charles County are considered senior dogs (7 years +). Most of them have been abandoned or surrendered by their families because they either couldn’t care for their senior dog, didn’t want to deal with their aging senior dog bodies, have a complicated medical situation that is costly or sometimes are just being traded in because they are no longer a young puppy.
Whatever the reason, the sad eyes tell the story and we do what we can to find new loving homes for these forgotten elderly pups. Many of them need a bit of polish and some their adopters need some reassurance. So we run diagnostic tests, polish up the teeth, sometimes get them on the right diet or medications. Some of them need a bit of time with some special folks called fosters who give them TLC until they are feeling better. Then we try to find them a new family to love them for the rest of their lives.