Honey’s Fund

honeyHoney came to us in October 2009 after being hit by a car which resulted in multiple pelvic fractures.   In much pain, with severe injuries, she still managed to wag her tail when she saw the HSCC Team Members. It’s almost as if she knew they were there to help her.  Honey touched the hearts of HSCC Team Members that day, and a fund was set up to help the next “Honey” who found themselves in our shelter, needing extensive medical care.

We were extremely happy to help Honey recover from her injuries, and go on to steal the hearts of her new family where she resides to this day.

To offset the costs of these medical emergencies, we have dedicated a special fund for animals just like Honey.  When you donate to “Honey’s Fund” you are helping that next animal receive the lifesaving medical care it needs.

Donate to Honey′s Fund


We are good friends with Amazon, as a mater of fact, @AmazonSmile has followed us on twitter!

Shopping at Amazon is easy!  Designate our shelter as your charity, shop our wish list, and have items directly mailed to the shelter.

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If you would like to donate items to our shelter to help care for the animals, below is a list of goods we can always use.  We will provide you with a tax receipt for your generous donation.  We’ve made it very easy by having a wish list on Amazon.com which allows your items that you have donated to be directly delivered to the shelter.